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About OX

Welcome to the Exiled website!

We are a hybrid guild on Hydraxis that is open to anyone, casual or hardcore.
If you are just looking for a fun place to hang out with some great people, send
us a whisper in game for an invite. If you are looking to raid, please fill out an
application to be accepted to the raid team and we will get back to you.

Holla Back
probably won't be on this wednesday (5/6) and next wed (5/13) off to the islands for my buddy's wedding
5/10 Mythic halfway their ladies keep it up!
It was a Site Mod, which works different than the other modules.. I've just been too distracted by other things lately
Eva you're the best!
I don't know how you did it Eva but thank you.
soon we'll need to put a gul'dan picture saying I will CRUSH you lol
I removed the old one for now, I'll start working on the one I had started on last expansion before we had the auto-updating one
Anything would be better than one from last expansion that isn't accurate. We tried to remove it but it wouldn't let us, I tried to contact guildportal but they never responded.
I can put up a different one, but it's not gonna be auto updating most likely
If only they would fix or remove the broken progression widgit lol,
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