GuildPortal will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month.
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About OX

Welcome to the Exiled website!

Guild Portal will be permanently closing by the end of this month. We already have our new website up and running at:
Please head over there to make an account and join the guild's new site. We will continue to use this site until it goes down but still be ready to transition over.

We are a hybrid guild on Hydraxis that is open to anyone, casual or hardcore.
If you are just looking for a fun place to hang out with some great people, send
us a whisper in game for an invite. If you are looking to raid, please fill out an
application to be accepted to the raid team and we will get back to you.

Holla Back
This has been a great website and it will truly be missed, if/when it does go down for the count I will take a moment of silence for all the good times.
Possibly the last night of the site being up!
Pretty sure it was referring to the month of November Joe.
"GuildPortal will be shutting down at the end of the month" -October... then why I am able to post this on November? lol
It's like somebody went trick or treating in Parker, Co and when they got to Aaron Lewis' house, he was like, huzzah, trick! I'm shutting GP down.... ps. let's go tp his house, or something!
Guildportal Closing Permanently. Please look at the related post in our forums.
Well on my way to Pathfinder and FLYING!
You have risen... long live the forsaken!
OH SNAP. I'm BACK! As an undead.
hehehe I am eager to see this!
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